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v 1.3

* Error Getting Open Games - It looks like there might be a localization issue with the open games service.  If you are getting this error, please leave your region and what type of data access you were using (cell data, wireless data).  We (the baby and I) apologize for any inconvenience,  I've submitted an update to the app but it's taking FOREVER to get approved.   UPDATE: This should be fixed now.

v 1.4

* Trial Mode Time Limit Removed - Even though the time limit was only per application run (you could restart the application and play another 5 minutes), I've went ahead and removed it in favor of a (mostly) fully functional ad supported trial version.

* Bonus for using all tiles - There is now a bonus for using all tiles, the bonus is 50 points.


  1. I have downloaded the trial version. I register and it says "cannot load open games" or similar. I have tried registering twice and get the same error. When I click OK, the app crashes so I've been unable to play

  2. have you seen It's not in the marketplace yet but looks similar to Mo Words.

  3. can you leave your username or email me at so I can take a look at your open games problem. The app had to be able to get past the registration and open games screen to pass certification, so I'm not sure what the problem is.

  4. I've seen alphajax. It looks nice and shiny. I'm sure people will like that game as well.

  5. I had exactly the same issue. My username is Obfuskater.

  6. A couple suggestions:

    1) Is there a way to include a badge with the number of new plays for current games on the game tile? If you don't notice the notification there's no way to tell it's your turn without launching the app.
    2) I love that when you make a play you get the word definition but this should be shown to your opponent too!
    3) When my opponent makes a move, I'd like to see the score for it.
    4) Scramble pieces and clear pieces are used more frequently than pass and swap. Could they be on the main page instead of buried in the menu? You could use shake for one of them and possibly fit a fifth button at the bottom of the board.

  7. just installed mo words trial, got to playing a word, and it says bummer, my trial expired. This seems to be the ad supported version, in that I'm seeing ads, but that's a pretty lame trial.

  8. @anon 11/18: thanks for the tips, I'll try to incorporate them in the next version. Your opponents score is shown if they play while you have the game open.

    @anon 11/22: it's a 5 minute trial and ad supported right now, you can reopen the game and get a fresh five minutes to tinker around. I'll remove the 5 minute limit in the next version

  9. Did not receive a bonus for using all my tiles in a single move.

  10. There is no way to log out and you can only access settings/ help if you are logged out. I want to turn off the notification because I end up getting challenges in the middle of the night which wakes me up as I use my phone as my alarm clock.

    I also don't like that I receive unsolicited challenges. Could you make it so that when you click to find a random opponent, it puts you into a pool of others who have done the same rather than selecting an opponent out of registered users at large? I can only handle so many games at one time! :)

  11. @anon 10/29: Thanks for the feedback. You can still get to the login screen by pressing the back button when you open the app, the login screen is still displayed, you are just auto-logged in. In the beginning I wanted to have everyone be an available opponent since there wasn't a large pool of opponents. But as we get more users I will probably switch to an "available for game" pool, or make it a setting.

  12. So "J" is only worth one point? That doesn't seem right. Also when you force a resign it says you won but under "recent games" it says you lost.

    I agree with anon 11/18 that shuffle and recall should be on the main screen. Resign is the least used function in my opinion and should be hidden in the menu instead. Live tile support would be good. I also think that each time you load a game, the definition(s) and score should be displayed for the last move. It could say "John scored..." or "you scored..." depending on who made the last move.

    Is there really no bonus for using all your tiles? There definitely should be.

  13. @anon 12/21: Thanks for the feedback... The letter worths are tricky. I didn't want to be a straight rip-off of scrabble for creativity and legality reasons, so the letter values are slightly different. J's being worth one point could actually work as a strategic point for you if you play it right and know your opponent has one.

    The shuffle and recall placement sounds very reasonable, I'll make sure and get it in the next update (hopefully after christmas break; but it's just me and a baby here, so no promises). The last move notification would be a good idea too.

    There is a 50 point bonus for using all tiles, that was fixed in last weeks update. If you notice anything different, let us know. Thanks.